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HCT America is an Industry Canada (IC) recognized Foreign Certification Body (FCB) with the authority to review and grant an application for and Canada Certification on behalf of ISED. Our services are for parties wanting to manufacture or sell telecommunications products or devices emitting (intentionally or unintentionally) radio waves in Canada.

Contact our certification team at if you are planning to expand into the Canadian market, and are seeking a partner to expedite the certification process.

ISED Explained

The road to an ISED certification will seem familiar to you if you are already selling or manufacturing radio equipment in the United States. The requirements in the ISED are very similar to those of FCC.

Indeed, the Canadian regulations covering radio frequency devices are equivalent to the Part 2 of Code of Federal Regulations Title 47, and the documents that need to be produced are almost identical.

ISED Documentation

ISED requires sellers and manufacturers to furnish these nine documents.

1. An application form

2. Letters of Agency

3. A test report

4. Schematics

5. A block diagram

6. Attestation forms

7. A user manual

8. Warning statements (if required)

9. A SAR report (if required)

This said, the FCC and ISED certifications are not the same. There are some crucial differences, which only an experience,  recognized FCB can handle in a timely manner.


The Permit-But-Ask procedure and the Knowledge Data (KDB) process of ISED are different from those of the FCC.

Also, the road from testing to marketing is not straightforward in Canada. Once compliance with the certification program has been demonstrated, your device will be assigned an IC Number and put on the Radio Equipment List (REL). The REL list will be publicly accessible and contain crucial information related to your device, such as:

Occupied bandwidth and type of emission as described by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU).

RF power as expressed in Watts, and measured as either Peak Envelope Power (PEP) or carrier power.

Frequency range listing the low and high limits. The frequency will be listed in Hertz.

HCT America Helps You Get Certified

HCT America is a U.S.-based product certification firm. We can assist you with our ISED Canada certification services. Here are top reasons to choose us as your partner.

  • Get Certified for Canada, the U.S., and South Korea. Our ISED Canada certification services are often combined with FCC and Korean Radio certifications, providing a cost-effective suite of certifications for North America and South Korea.
  • HCT America will help expedite your Canadian Representative service in order to rapidly complete your ISED Certification. Our representatives in Canada are capable of responding to Industry Canada enquiries and provide post-certification audit samples. It is mandatory for a party to be either physically present in Canada, or have an in-country representative.
  • Authorized by Industry Canada. We have been accredited to ISO/IEC 17065 to approve equipment subject to Certification according to its scope of accreditation and are able to issue a Technical Acceptance Certificates.
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We are authorized, experienced, and capable of expediting the process so that your products land in the Canadian market faster.

Contact HCT America at 510-405-5172 to get the procedure underway.

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