Automotive emc testing

Automotive EMC Testing

ISO Accreditation
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Are you looking for a comprehensive automotive EMC testing solution that you can rely on and trust?

Automotive emc testing

HCT America Engineering, located in San Jose, CA offers the support you need with EMC automotive testing services which cover everything from ISO 11452 transients immunity, bulk current injection, and magnetic immunity to near field emissions and portable (handy) transmitter tests. The goal is to deliver a one-stop solution for ISO Accredited Automotive EMC testing services.

HCT America’s state of the art Automotive EMC Testing facilities provides capabilities ranging from 100A Load Dump to 300 V/M radiated immunity testing.

Supporting the Bay Area’s dynamic Electric Vehicle and Automotive Component and Systems industry, HCT America Engineering provides the only full-service Automotive EMC testing facility on the West Coast.

Why Are Automotive EMC Standards Important?


Automotive EMC testing checks the electromagnetic compatibility for the vehicle as well as all the components. It is crucial to monitor every aspect of the vehicle and determine whether any are generating electromagnetic interference (EMI). The typical car dashboard is now filled with active components that must operate without causing disruption.

Car manufacturers understand that modern vehicles can have as many as 75 different electronic modules. These are crucial elements that determine whether a vehicle is safe on the road relating to everything from braking to steering and tailpipe emissions. As such, without automotive EMI testing, it’s possible that any one of these different modules could potentially fail in your product.

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EMC testing and compliance is now a crucial element for not just safety but the performance of a vehicle and ultimately the revenue stream of an automobile manufacturer or part supplier.

ISO, CISPR, and SAE mainly develop automotive EMC standards. These standards are maintained at an international level. Vehicles that market worldwide will typically reference both CISPR and ISO standards.

Benefits of Our Approach


HCT America provides testing solutions for numerous standards and regulations, including:

  • ISO 11452-1

    Road vehicles, Component test methods for electrical disturbances from narrow-band radiated electromagnetic energy – Part 1: General and definitions.

  • ISO 11452-2

    Road vehicles, Electrical disturbances by narrow-band radiated electromagnetic energy - Component test methods Part 2 - Absorber-lined shielded enclosure.

  • ISO 11452-4

    Road vehicles, Component test methods for electrical disturbances from narrow-band radiated electromagnetic energy – Part 4: Bulk current injection (BCI).

  • ISO 11452-8

    Road vehicles, Component test methods for electrical disturbances from narrow-band radiated electromagnetic energy -- Part 8: Immunity to magnetic fields.

  • ISO 11452-9

    Road vehicles, Component test methods for electrical disturbances from narrow-band radiated electromagnetic energy - Part 9: Portable transmitters.

  • ISO 11452-10

    Road vehicles, Component test methods for electrical disturbances from narrow-band radiated electromagnetic energy – Part 10: Immunity to conducted disturbances in the extended audio frequency range.

  • GB/T18387-2017

    Limits and test methods of magnetic and electric field strength from electric vehicles.

  • ISO 10605

    Road vehicles, Test methods for electrical disturbances from electrostatic discharge.

  • ISO 7637-1

    Road vehicles, Electrical interference by conduction and coupling Part 1 – Definitions and general considerations.

  • ISO 7637-2

    Road vehicles, Electrical disturbance by conduction and coupling Part 2 - Vehicles with nominal

  • ISO 7637-3

    Road vehicles, Electrical interference by conduction and coupling Part 3 – Electrical transient transmission by capacitive and inductive coupling via lines other than supply lines.

  • IEC 62311

    Assessment of electronic and electrical equipment related to human exposure restrictions for electromagnetic fields (0 Hz – 300 GHz).

  • ICNIRP 494-522
  • GMW 3097
  • FMC-1278

Completing Your Automotive EMI EMC Standards Testing the Right Way


At HCT America Engineering we can help ensure that you complete your automotive EMC testing in an expedited and cost-efficient process. The first step is to ensure that you know your target market. This will help you determine the correct EMC test standards for automotive electronic components that are applicable to your device under test. HCT America can ensure proper testing of this functionality as well as all RF wireless connectivity standards.

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Once you have done this, it’s essential to create a test plan which can be followed, and we can help you complete this step. A test plan review is a critical step. HCT America will review your test plan and ensure that it does match specific requirements for Automotive EMC standards.

Partnering with HCT America Engineering will ensure that you can provide ISO 7025 Accredited test reports to document compliance to the appropriate standards. Our aim is always to deliver a comprehensive, fully transparent solution that achieves compliance with the applicable standards and assists in expediting market access.

Advanced Automotive EMC Test Equipment


When testing your vehicles, it is essential to trust in the latest and most advanced automotive EMC test equipment. This will ensure that the results provided are accurate and valid for your vehicle. HCT America has built out our new Automotive EMC LAb in San Jose with the latest test equipment and our staff has a deep understanding of the various Automotive EMC standards, such as:

Conducted Emissions on Power and Data
Lines Near Field Emissions Magnetic
Emissions ICNIRP Radio Exposure
Conducted Immunity Transient
Pulses Bulk Current Injection
Radiated Immunity Radar Pulse
Electrostatic Discharge

HCT America Engineering supplies ISO 17025 Accredited Test Reports for these categories and more. Please contact us if you do not see your requirements listed here.

Find Out More Now


When completing EMC testing for automotive products, it is essential to use a proven solution provider with expertise and experience. HCT America will provide professionals who can help you find and complete the right automotive tests and ensure the fastest route to reaching compliance. At HCT America Engineering, we offer the state of the art facilities and professional technical staff you need and guarantee the ultimate service. Get in touch now to arrange EMI automotive testing for your vehicles today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

EMC Testing is a long-term investment. It is mandatory for certain products, and successful results allow manufacturers and importers to sell their product in multiple markets. The testing also allows manufacturers to improve the quality of their equipment and succeed in a competitive market.

Radiated immunity tests measure the susceptibility of your device. Emissions from other devices in the surrounding area could affect your device. Immunity ensures that your device can withstand the emissions of surrounding gadgets. Otherwise, the interference can lead to a host of problems down the road.

Choosing the right EMC testing lab can save you a lot of hassle down the line. It can help you get your products to market quicker and ensures that all relevant compliance standards have been met. Remember, the key points to take away when choosing an EMC test lab are:

You should opt for an accredited service provider that can provide you with the relevant technical documentation and certifications
They should offer the right level of technical expertise and experience
They need to provide the right kinds of test and services pertinent to your product(s)
They should have the required equipment and facilities available – so check what these are
You want a lab that is conveniently located and offers a turnaround time that fits with your timetable
Comply with EMC directive standards

EMC testing is essential in ensuring that devices in electromagnetic environments work. Furthermore, EMC compliance certifications are mandatory in the majority of markets around the world, including the US, Europe, China, Australia, and New Zealand. EMC compliance testing enables you to meet regulatory requirements, as well as to improve the performance of your products.

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