Frequently Asked Questions

HCT America Engineering, located in San Jose, CA offers the support you need with EMC automotive testing services which cover everything from ISO 11452 transients immunity, bulk current injection, and magnetic immunity to near field emissions and portable (handy) transmitter tests. The goal is to deliver a one-stop solution for ISO Accredited Automotive EMC testing services.

Automotive EMC testing checks the electromagnetic compatibility for the vehicle as well as all the components. It is crucial to monitor every aspect of the vehicle and determine whether any are generating electromagnetic interference (EMI). The typical car dashboard is now filled with active components that must operate without causing disruption.

Choosing the right EMC testing lab can save you a lot of hassle down the line. It can help you get your products to market quicker and ensures that all relevant compliance standards have been met. Remember, the key points to take away when choosing an EMC test lab are:

You should opt for an accredited service provider that can provide you with the relevant technical documentation and certifications
They should offer the right level of technical expertise and experience
They need to provide the right kinds of test and services pertinent to your product(s)
They should have the required equipment and facilities available – so check what these are
You want a lab that is conveniently located and offers a turnaround time that fits with your timetable
Comply with EMC directive standards

EMC testing is essential in ensuring that devices in electromagnetic environments work. Furthermore, EMC compliance certifications are mandatory in the majority of markets around the world, including the US, Europe, China, Australia, and New Zealand. EMC compliance testing enables you to meet regulatory requirements, as well as to improve the performance of your products.

EMC Testing is a long-term investment. It is mandatory for certain products, and successful results allow manufacturers and importers to sell their product in multiple markets. The testing also allows manufacturers to improve the quality of their equipment and succeed in a competitive market.

Al intentional radiator devices are regulated by the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 47, Part 11 through Part 101. Radio Devices need to undergo a certification process and demonstrate compliance with the FCC rules before receiving a permission to be sold in the United States.

Radiated immunity tests measure the susceptibility of your device. Emissions from other devices in the surrounding area could affect your device. Immunity ensures that your device can withstand the emissions of surrounding gadgets. Otherwise, the interference can lead to a host of problems down the road.

Having a good idea of RF test labs standards is also imperative. If you want to ensure your product is ready to go to markets around the world, a high standard of testing must be carried out to ensure that it is truly safe and compliant. If an RF lab has a good reputation, it’s a good sign. It could be an idea to look at third-party review sites, as well as customer testimonials.

Radio frequency testing, otherwise known as RF testing, is required to ensure compliance of the wireless equipment that you’ve produced with international regulatory requirements. These requirements will allow your radio and telecommunications equipment to be sold in various markets around the world and it’s also a legal requirement to ensure that your wireless technology is safe to use. Without the right certification, your products will not be allowed on the market.

By ignoring RF testing, you pose the following risks to you and your company:

3 months imprisonment
A hefty monetary fine
Recalls on all of your products
Replacement of said products
Possible suspension of sales

Testing, certification, and regulatory compliance is mandatory for entry into international markets. For instance, once your product is tested by an accredited testing laboratory, and an official FCC Grant of Certification is issued by a listed Telecommunications Certification Body such as HCT America LLC, your product is legal to sell in the USA.