Android Device Manufacturers May Need More Compliance Testing After Marshmallow Install


The “Marshmallow” Android Operating System (Android 6.0) enables a hotspot feature, which may have been disabled during the Compliance Testing. Industry Canada advises that more Compliance Testing is needed if the android device had the feature disabled.

Industry Canada wrote:

“It has come to our attention that apparently the installation of the Android Operating System version codename Marshmallow on devices may suddenly make the hotspot feature available to the user, where this feature was unavailable to the user before the installation of this Android OS version.

For devices that were certified with the hotspot feature disabled and the hotspot mode was not tested for compliance, if the installation of the new Android OS suddenly enables the hotspot feature, the manufacturers of these devices will be required to test the hotspot mode for compliance and submit a C3PC application to ISED.”

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Article: “TCB Council”
Editor: “Amy Jones – HCT America”
Image: “Engadget”

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