Safety Commission Reports Ikea Recalls Children’s Nightlight For Electrical Shock Hazard


About 442,000 nightlights intended for children were recalled by Swedish retailer Ikea. The Consumer Product Safety Commission reported that Ikea would be taking all of their Patrull nightlights off the market to prevent further injuries.

A child attempting to remove a nightlight out of an electrical outlet got an electrical shock and suffered a minor injury on their hand. The cover of the light can detach, creating an electrical shock hazard. The cover consists of a plastic dome which can detach, exposing electrical components. United States CPSC reported that Ikea would be taking all of the nightlights off the market.

IKEA asks customers who are using or have purchased a Patrull nightlight to immediately stop using the product. It has been sold in North America and Europe since 2013. Approximately 359,000 nightlights were distributed in the United States, and 83,000 in Canada.

The article numbers involved in the recall are: 302.411.40, 502.390.23 and 702.411.38.

Set of ikea nightlights_640_c


There is an Ikea logo on the top near the back of the product that can be used for identification. The lights automatically turn on in the dark and off when there is ample light. The size of the night light is 3 ½ inches deep and 2 ¾ inches round. The dome shaped cover can come in colors of white, orange and pink.

The recalled product can be brought to any Ikea store for a full refund, a receipt or proof of purchase is unnecessary. All types of plug are being recalled, as the risk of the cover coming off occurs in all model types.

Article: “Amy Jones | HCTA”
Editor: “M. Danmole”
Image: “SM Journal | Katu”