U-NII-3 Transition Requirement 15.37 (h) for 802.11 Specifications Postponed By The FCC

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Wireless ISP’s generally use the upper edge of the 5.725-5.825 GHz U-NII-3, pushing the industry demand thus creating the need for more band width in this range. The U-NII-3 is also known as U-NII/ISM, due to the overlap with the industrial, scientific and medical bands. Long Range WiFi Antennas are one example of U-NII-3 devices.

A previous mandatory effective date of June 2,2015 has been postponed for devices in the 5725-5850 MHz bands using digital modulation techniques, with these devices now needing to comply with revised provisions of 15.407. They will no longer need to be certified under provisions of 15.247, ending the deadline of 6/2/2015. The new deadline is seen as a necessary compromise by the Federal Communications Commission, and will provide more time for compliance, and will help facilitate transition to the new requirements.



To protect Terminal Doppler Weather Radar (TDWR) facilities from inference, the new consolidated rules apply to the more stringent out-of-band emissions limit formerly applicable only to U-NII-3 devices. In order to ensure that U-NII devices do not cause harmful interference to authorized users of the band, certain U-NII rules and testing procedures were modified.

The upper edge of the 5.725-5.825 GHz U-NII-3 band was extended to 5.85 GHz and provisions consolidated for the U-NII-3 band devices so all of the digitally modulated devices operating in the U-NII-3 band will operate under the same rules and subject to new device security requirements, applicable to digitally modulated devices from Section 15.247 of the rules with the U-NII-3 rules in Section 15.407.

In order for digitally modulated devices operating in the U-NII-3 band to be FCC Certified after 12/2/2015 they must meet the new rules in Section 15.407. U-NII-3 band devices meeting the requirements of the old Section 15.427 will continue to be certified until December 2, 2015… ( read more )

HCT America has been consistently cultivating a necessary array of resources to provide these transitional requirements for ongoing manufacturer compliance. HCTA is your one-stop shop for worldwide U-NII-3 unlicensed radio testing and approvals.

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