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June 13, 2016: EU Directive 2014/53/EU Covering Radio & Telecom Equipment Takes Effect

Directive 2014/53/EU covers radio equipment and telecommunications terminal equipment (R&TTE). Including active implantable medical devices and some medical devices. Other ...
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Air Gapped HCT America

Computers Physically Isolated From Public Network’s Can Still Be Hacked By Cell Phones

Air-gapped computers are isolated from public networks, physically and technically, to prevent hacking over the internet, but if the computers ...
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Regulatory Compliance - CA

Industry Canada Releases 2 New Online Forms To Provide Efficient Information Exchange

I.C. would like to encourage the use of these web forms to not only facilitate organization but to help Industry ...
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Grass HCT America CA

Wireless Robotic Lawn Mower (RLM) System: iRobot Request For Waiver Granted By FCC

A battery operated self-propelled lawn mower uses multiple, portable beacons, strategically placed on a lawn to map the designated mowing ...
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Board Agency Product Safety Approvals CA

“WATCH” Utilizes The UHF Spectrum Unused By Un-watched TV Broadcasting’s For Data Transfer

Rice University researchers built "WATCH", Wi-Fi in Active TV Channels, the first system that allows wireless data transmissions over active ...
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PED Devices Compliance Testing - CA

MoM-EFIE Method Introduced for EMI Testing In Complex Cavities: Aircraft Environments

Creating standard methods to measure the Electromagnetic Interference on an aircraft’s environment has been compounded by the constant feed of ...
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Wireless Charging System - CA

Industry Canada: New Issue on Electromagnetic Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) Devices

Wireless power transfer is essentially the transmission of power (electrical) from a power source to a consuming device with no ...
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BMW DFS / Wireless Device Testing

Question: Has BMW Started A Trend by Silencing AM Radio In The New i3 EV (Electric Vehicle)?

Being called a revolutionary vehicle, the BMW i3 lacks a simple AM radio feature. A carbon-fiber reinforced plastic shell riding ...
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