802.11 5GHz WLAN DFS “Testing & Approvals” New HCT America Test Capabilities Now Online


2014 has brought about a resurgence in the high-tech industry. Wireless device technology is being integrated into most products these days. In order to allocate more frequency bands to accommodate this increased usage, some existing bands used by the FCC / government regulators (5 GHz band), have been opened for high-speed WiFi. Certain 5 GHz frequency bands overlap National Infrastructure (U-NII) bands.



The FCC, along with industry, developed Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS) as a method to allow these two uses of the 5GHz band to coexist. WiFi devices are required to check the band intended for use before transmitting data. If the device detects a radar in use it immediately adapts and switches to another frequency. Waiting for a predetermined period of time before checking that frequency for use again.

HCT America is now up and running for 5 GHz DFS Wireless Device Testing and Approvals. Our staff specializes in testing and certification for Korea, USA, Europe & Japan. These countries have all enacted similar but unique DFS standards. HCT has acquired the Rohde & Schwarz DFS Testing Solution; FSV Signal Analyzer (10Hz to 7GHz) and SMU 200A Vector Signal Generator (100 kHz to 6 GHz), along with DFS Tool Test Software.

HCT America DFS Test Data is accepted by the governing regulatory agencies. The charts below define the 5GHz bands allocated to DFS for North America and Japan. Contact our staff for Korea channel allocation details.



Ieee-std_802. 11ac_570x445_2014a


Each country has their own set of guidelines and standards. The most recent EU (European Union) standards have been updated; European standard EN 301 893 v1.5.1. As well, versions of the FCC DFS specifications align with FCC-06-96A1. Currently many organizations are refining wireless standards, as new implementations and frequency allocations are defined by the global wireless industry.

We developed and fabricated the HCT America “4×4 MIMO DFS Test Fixture”. This fixture supports the interconnections between the test equipment, host computers and the Master Device under test. The circuit geometry and signal length are fixed and optimized, allowing low-loss, accurate and very repeatable measurements of IEEE / 802.11 DFS radio characteristics / operation during radar simulation. DFS Test results can be made via conducted and/or radiated methodology, depending on system requirements.



Homologation Certification & Test (HCT) provides a one-stop solution, including testing, FCC follow-up and certification. HCT America has recently obtained 5GH AP approvals from Korea (RRA) and USA (FCC) for several of the largest US based EMC Labs. Eliminate the middle man and get your product into the booming high-speed WLAN marketplace as fast as possible. Contact HCT America today.

Article: WE / HCT USA
Editor: M. Danmole’
Image: HCT USA / WE