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802.11 5GHz WLAN DFS “Testing & Approvals” New HCT America Test Capabilities Now Online

By Amy Jones / September 12, 2014

2014 has brought about a resurgence in the high-tech industry. Wireless device technology is being integrated into most products these days. In order to allocate more frequency bands to accommodate this increased usage, some existing bands used by the FCC / government regulators (5 GHz band), have been opened for high-speed WiFi. Certain 5 GHz…

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Trilogy of Magnetics by Wurth Elektronik EMC / EMI Proactive Engineering

By Amy Jones / July 31, 2014

Understanding the subtleties involved with proper EMI / EMC design can be challenging. It involves competent knowledge of all the Design Disciplines; Digital Design, Board Layout, Signal Integrity, System Architecture, Power, and Mechanical. The parasitic circuits that are unintentionally created via RF signal coupling and induction are unseen and can be very confusing to the…

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The deciBel (dB) Logarithmic Unit to Express Ratio Between 2 Values

By Amy Jones / May 22, 2014

The decibel (dB) is used for a variety of measurements in science and engineering, most prominently in acoustics, electronics, and EMC / EMI. Gains of amplifiers, attenuation of signals, and signal-to-noise ratios are often expressed in “dB”. [br] The decibel (dB) is a logarithmic unit used to express the ratio between two values of a…

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Teardown and Repair of HP 8648C Synthesized Signal Generator

By HCT America / April 13, 2014

The HP 8648C Synthesized Signal Generator can be used for System Measurements and Calibration. It’s always important to have a few signal generators around the lab, you never know when you’ll need a good signal source. In this episode Shahriar attempts to repair an HP 8648C Synthesized Signal Generator from a dumpster dive. The cause…

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Resolution and Video Bandwidth in a Spectrum Analyzer (RBW VBW)

By HCT America / February 13, 2014

Resolution and Video Bandwidth settings on Receivers and Spectrum Analyzers, are specified by various governing regulatory bodies for compliance testing. This is a tutorial and demonstration of the basics of the Resolution BW (RBW) and Video BW (VBW) functions in a Spectrum Analyzer. You may wish to review the “Basics of a Spectrum Analyzer” video…

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