HCT America Delivers Expedited Korea Radio & EMC Approvals


Korea Radio and EMC Approvals delivered from an experienced global team. Testing managed from Fremont California, Certification obtained within 2 Weeks.

HCT America now offers 14 day turnaround for South Korea Radio Approvals. From the date of testing to RRA Certification in 14 days. Not five weeks like other US based labs are hoping to achieve. HCT America is the leading provider of RADIO / EMC  testing and Certification services for South Korea. HCT America is an official FCC recognized Telecommunications Certification Body (TCB).

HCT America is focused on South Korea Radio and EMC approvals. We have optimized all of our processes to achieve the fastest turnaround possible for your Licensed and Unlicensed Radio Devices. The Korea RRA testing and approval process can be complicated and time-consuming. HCT America simplifies and expedites this process, using our direct contacts with RRA to overcome delays that are typically experienced by US testing facilities. In fact, many US test labs actually use HCT America to obtain their Korea Certifications.

Expedite your product approvals by leveraging HCT America’s years of experience handling EMC Testing and Certification approvals in South Korea. HCT America is in daily contact with Korea’s MIC and RRA, helping to clarify rules interpretations and overcome translation issues. HCT America also offers Korean language translation services for product User Guides, marketing literature, etc.

HCT America currently processes South Korea EMC and Radio Approvals for several of the largest US based EMC Labs. Eliminate the middle man and get your product into the booming South Korean market as fast as possible. To avoid added costs and delays have HCT America handle your next Korea Radio and/or EMC approval. Our staff in Fremont, CA and Inchon, South Korea work 24 hours per day to see that your project speeds through the Certification process.

Testing is done in Fremont, CA or overseas, depending on the situation, to eliminate process delays. Our staff is in direct contact with RRA. If you have any questions regarding the Radio approval process for South Korea, please contact Bob Cole and/or Kent Kim at any time.

Article: HCT America
Editor: M. Danmole’
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