Emc basic

EMC Basics: What Is Radiated Emissions & Immunity Testing?

By HCT America / February 24, 2020

EMC (Electro-Magnetic Compatibility) tests regulate the radiated emissions of electronic devices. This test measures the functioning of equipment in electromagnetic environments. Under the EMC Directive, the device under testing should not introduce disturbances to the environment. EMC testing ensures the safety of an electronic device for consumer use. In most markets, EMC certifications are mandatory.…

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Emc test lab

How to Choose an EMC Test Lab: 6 Things To Consider

By HCT America / November 13, 2019

Choosing an EMC test lab is a highly important decision for any designer, developer, manufacturer, or distributor of electronics. Going with the wrong testing lab can result in several problems, including: Incorrectly performed tests Delays to market for your products Added overheads Not able to sell your products in specific countries Wherever you are based,…

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Compatibility emc testing methods

The Guide To Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Testing Methods

By HCT America / October 22, 2019

Make sure your products are functioning to the best of their ability and meet EMC compliance standards with our helpful guide to EMC testing methods. What Is Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Testing? Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) testing measures the extent to which any electronic device, equipment, or system is functioning in an electromagnetic environment without being interfered…

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Rf testing required

Why Is RF Testing Required?

By HCT America / March 19, 2019

Radio frequency testing, otherwise known as RF testing, is required to ensure compliance of the wireless equipment that you’ve produced with international regulatory requirements. These requirements will allow your radio and telecommunications equipment to be sold in various markets around the world and it’s also a legal requirement to ensure that your wireless technology is…

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Emc testing

Why Manufacturers Can’t Ignore EMC Testing

By Amy Jones / December 12, 2017

What unites a refrigerator, television, computer, smartphone, HVAC, the Internet, and your automobile? They all run-on electricity, and they are vulnerable to electromagnetic (EMP) pulse attacks, like the one depicted in Ocean’s Eleven that rendered the whole city of Las Vegas without electricity. The EMP attack in the movie was deliberate. It was staged to…

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Emc test labs

15 Essential Elements of an EMC Compliance Testing Plan

By Amy Jones / December 7, 2017

To succeed in the world of wireless products, the question is not simply “How does my company produce a functional design?” but “How can my firm get our wireless product successfully to market?” Each country you plan to sell your products at will have its EMC compliance testing requirements and certifications. In the United States,…

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3 step process to obtaining ce certification

3-Step Process to Obtaining CE Certification

By Amy Jones / October 20, 2017

Obtaining CE Marking Any manufacturer—whose products have been tested and found to conform to the safety, health, and environmental protection requirements set out in the European law—can use a CE product logo. This said, there is no pan-European body for product marking. In most cases, manufacturers complete device assessments themselves, document the test results in a…

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Us frequency allocations ,ca

30 Megahertz Spectrum Offering by The FCC “Low Band Spectrum Incentive Auction” March 2016

By Amy Jones / September 21, 2015

The unlicensed spectrum has been powerful platform for driving innovation, investment, and economic growth. Hundreds of billions of dollars in value for our economy and consumers, has been generated by the unlicensed spectrum, via breakthroughs like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. What technologies will emerge next? The FCC has a central goal to maximize the amount of…

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Rra certification san jose ca

Electric Fail-Safe Issue: Honda Accord Recalls Over 6,700 Hybrid Vehicles In United States

By Amy Jones / September 10, 2015

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration an electrical flaw may cause the Honda Accord Hybrid (2014-2015 models) to switch to fail-safe electric vehicle mode. In this electric vehicle mode the vehicle “may” travel for about 2 miles at 40 mph, at which point the hybrid battery will discharge and the vehicle will stall.…

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