Why Is RF Testing Required?

Rf testing required

Radio frequency testing, otherwise known as RF testing, is required to ensure compliance of the wireless equipment that you’ve produced with international regulatory requirements. These requirements will allow your radio and telecommunications equipment to be sold in various markets around the world and it’s also a legal requirement to ensure that your wireless technology is safe to use. Without the right certification, your products will not be allowed on the market.

How Does RF Testing Work?

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RF testing involves simulating the functionality and performance of your radio and telecommunications equipment. This ensures that each device you produce will not interfere with other users of the radio frequency spectrum. These tests will also make sure that the equipment you use is utilizing the radio spectrum in an efficient manner so that it will not be disrupted by other electromagnetic emissions in the area around your product.

Products that do not pass the RF tests will often be recalled in the event that they could pose a health risk to its users. In order for your product to be sold, you must show that it has passed all relevant tests and successfully passed them.

Thankfully, with an experienced RF testing service like HCT America Engineering, you’ll avoid any potential compliance failures and also prevent yourself from suffering from any kind of penalty linked with a failure to comply.

What Happens If You Ignore RF Testing?

By ignoring RF testing, you pose the following risks to yourself and your company:

  • 3 months imprisonment
  • A hefty monetary fine
  • Recalls on all of your products
  • Replacement of said products
  • Possible suspension of sales


The monetary fine might not seem like much, especially for a large business, but the cost of replacing those products and recalling them can be damaging not only to the capital your business has but also to the reputation of your business. Having a poor reputation for skipping the relevant RF and EMC tests will hurt your business and could potentially cause widespread misunderstandings within your company.

RF testing should be carried out at an early stage to ensure that your equipment meets the standards before you perform any changes or start to mass-produce your equipment. Making changes in the design process at a later stage is always going to be costly, and it pays to guarantee compliance before finalizing design choices.

It goes without saying that ensuring your products are RF-tested and work correctly is one of the most important steps to take before putting any kind of product on the market.

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With years of experience in RF and EMC testing, your products will be tested correctly and efficiently by HCT America Engineering. You don’t need to worry about any mishandling of your products or an incorrect report being produced by us. We know how difficult it can be to meet the right standards for your products to be legally sold in several countries, so allow us to carry out the relevant RF and EMC tests to ensure that your product will not be recalled.

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