FCC Notice About Wi-Fi Channels 12 & 13 (2467 & 2472 MHz) – TCB Council


On the July 16th conference calls with the TCBs the FCC Lab staff discussed the following software configuration issue:

b> Wi-Fi client devices operating on Channels 12 and 13

If a device is capable of transmitting on these channels, it must meet all of the emission requirements for that band, as specified in § 15.247, otherwise, the channels must be disabled.  If the device uses passive scanning to determine if a master transmits on these channels, it must still be able to determine that the master is transmitting in a manner compliant with the rules. Since this is not a standard in Wi-Fi protocol, it is not acceptable to rely on a standard master device.

In further discussions with various stakeholders, it appears that many Wi-Fi client devices rely on the access point to ensure proper operation.  It appears that some changes will be required for these devices to operate in compliance with all circumstances.  In recognition of this need for change and that it will take time to implement the changes, the staff will permit a transition period till March 31, 2014, to ensure that all new device approvals are consistent with the requirement and where appropriate make changes to currently approved products.  During this period, devices that rely on passive scanning may be approved but we encourage manufacturers to implement revisions as quickly as possible.

In order to obtain approval for transmitting on Channels 12 and 13, the test report would need to clearly show that channels 12 and 13 are tested and the appropriate frequency band and reduced output power needed for radiated field strength compliance at the band edge of 2483.5 MHz is specified in the grant filing.

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