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Minister Bains and the ISED Department Consider Harmonizing U.S. Standards for Radio LAN Devices

By Amy Jones / January 30, 2017

Navdeep Bains, the Canadian Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development, is responsible for developing goals and National Policies for Spectrum resource use, and for ensuring effective management of the Radio Frequency Spectrum resource. The ISED (Innovation, Science and Economic Development) Department has published the SMSE-002-17 this month in response to Canadian stakeholders and others,…

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Additional Chinese Taipei – BSMI Standard Available on Uninterruptible Power Systems

By Amy Jones / December 8, 2016

What is the APEC-TEL MRA? The APEC-TEL Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA) is a multilateral arrangement between economies in the APEC region. The APEC TEL MRA for Conformity Assessment of Telecommunications Equipment, which came into effect on 1 July 1999, facilitates the recognition of each other’s conformity assessment results. An Uninterruptible Power System is usually used…

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30 Megahertz Spectrum Offering by The FCC “Low Band Spectrum Incentive Auction” March 2016

By Amy Jones / September 21, 2015

The unlicensed spectrum has been powerful platform for driving innovation, investment, and economic growth. Hundreds of billions of dollars in value for our economy and consumers, has been generated by the unlicensed spectrum, via breakthroughs like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. What technologies will emerge next? The FCC has a central goal to maximize the amount of…

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June 13, 2016: EU Directive 2014/53/EU Covering Radio & Telecom Equipment Takes Effect

By Amy Jones / September 3, 2015

Directive 2014/53/EU covers radio equipment and telecommunications terminal equipment (R&TTE). Including active implantable medical devices and some medical devices. Other examples of devices that fall into this new directive are mobile communications equipment such as cellular telephones, citizens band (CB) radio, broadcast transmitters, car door openers, and maritime radars. The Commission of the European Union…

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Industry Canada Releases 2 New Online Forms To Provide Efficient Information Exchange

By Amy Jones / August 31, 2015

I.C. would like to encourage the use of these web forms to not only facilitate organization but to help Industry Canada prioritize industry updates to standards and procedures, and inventory industry concerns. Industry Canada releases two new web forms for Test Labs / Certification Bodies, Representatives, Manufacturers, users & others to seek changes to regulatory…

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Industry Canada: New Issue on Electromagnetic Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) Devices

By Amy Jones / July 28, 2015

Wireless power transfer is essentially the transmission of power (electrical) from a power source to a consuming device with no conductors or solid wires. A device transmits power through electromagnetic fields across an intervening space to a receiver device, where it gets converted back into electric power. All Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) Devices are now…

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Medical Devices Under New Stringent Standards By European Union (EU) Regulatory Directive

By Amy Jones / July 23, 2015

Directive 93/42/EEC by the European Union stiffens the list of medical devices, including software for proper application to be used for human beings including but not limited to diagnosis, treatment, monitoring and alleviating disease, injury or handicap. An updated and revised list of standards to be used for medical devices to demonstrate conformity was issued…

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New Certification Requirements By Industry Canada – Radio Standards Specification RSS-247

By Amy Jones / July 8, 2015

LE-LAN devices under new standards including expanded frequency bands, DFS procedures and emission limits. Certification requirements were added for Frequency Hopping Systems and Digital Transmission Systems. DTSs (Digital Transmission Systems) in bands 902-928 MHz, 2400-2483.5 MHz and FHSs (Frequency Hopping Systems) in bands 902-928MHz, 2400-2483.5 MHz and 5725-5850 MHZ have new standard specifications. Systems in…

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Industry Canada Releases New Issue For Land Mobile and Fixed Equipment in 27.41-960 MHz Range

By Amy Jones / July 8, 2015

Issue 12, published will be used in conjunction with the (RSS-Gen) for Land Mobile and Fixed Equipment Operating in the Frequency Range 27.41-960 MHz, and is subject to licensing in subsection 4(1) of the Radiocommunication Act. The new issue RSS-119 (Issue 12), published on May 28, 2015, replaces the previous Issue 11. The new issue…

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